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Frequently Asked Questions

We know sometimes the process moving in or moving out of our storage units may be a bit confusing, so here we hope to clear that up for you! Please take the time to thoroughly read through our FAQ's. They should be able to answer all of your general questions.

Can I rent a unit & move in today?

Yes! Please follow the link HERE, or on our home page, to view our open units. Once you choose your unit, make an account, and pay the security deposit & rent, you will gain access to your unit! 

How do I pay my unit rent?

We operate solely through our online system. You can conveniently set up auto payments, pay ahead of time, and easily control your account.

How do I move out?

Please notify us about your departure. Clean & broom sweep the unit. We will then proceed to move you out on the software and return your security deposit.

How do I file a claim with my protection plan?

Please visit our page on protection plans for full details on all steps.  All claims must be entered directly to SafeLease at

I have my own Homeowners/Renters Insurance and I need to Opt out of Safelease

No problem at all!  Please visit and upload the requested information to Opt out of SafeLease Protection Plans. 

What can I fit in my unit?

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